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Know that horse game I've been happily talking about? Long story short, the owner went on a power trip and started banning people from the game for shit that happened off game. Hell. I got a 10 point infraction for saying, of all things: "No, that's not fair the smaller stables".

I posted on someone else's DA journal who was ranting about the game. She got banned for libel, and I just did too. Doesn't say much about the owner, does it? So anyways. Stay far, far away from Horse Eden Eventing. It ain't a fun place.

That's the tl;dr. Below is everything fully typed out that occurred to me since there's a few white knights of the game (to be expected, of course), saying that nothing bad ever happened.

I've played HEE for almost two years. I joined in mid-summer of 2009 under the game name Reptilia and the forum name Raptor. The community was nice and the game a fantastic new concept, in my eyes. Everything went great until about late last year, early this year. I noticed that the game was starting to have people in it that basically had unlikely scenarios happen to them. These people garnered a lot of attention and sympathy in the form of art, horses, and money. I can't say I approve of this, seeing that I didn't baw and want items when my grandmother died of terminal cancer. Personal choice, I suppose.

Anyways. I'd gotten a verbal warning once or twice. Primarily stating to not be so forceful/pushy. I admit. I can come across as fairly strong. Although, I suspect that these people were complaining because they didn't like it that I came up with information that proved them wrong.

First infraction: I received a one point infraction and had my post edited for saying that I found people who made anti-slaughter banners and put them all over their ranch page to be annoying. There was a kid in the discussion who made anti-slaughter banners on facebook. I probably deserved that one.

Second infraction: This one got deleted after I pointed out the other player was calling me computer stupid without actually saying it.

First ban: Two weeks on the forum. I posted in two threads that day. One was eve ranting about people doing decorative trimming/dying on dogs. The other was a kid complaining about an animal abuser. On eve's thread I posted that I saw nothing wrong with it if the dogs weren't being injured. On the other, I replied to someone who described in great detail what they wanted to do to the guy (involved feeding him to hogs alive), that what they were wanting was a bit excessive. I got a two week forum ban because I disagreed with eve. I emailed her concerning it and pointed out what the kid was doing.  Which was against  the TOS since it states that talking about illegal things was a no-no. She defended the kid by stating the kid was being overenthusiastic, proceeded to call me a troll, and stated that I had more complaints than any other person on the game.

Off and on from there I think I had two verbal warnings total. Nothing overly special. Same as the first verbal warning.

Second "ban": Earlier in the week, two people found a major bug. Basically, players can buy hay in the store. They insert however many bales they want and the amount of money is taken out of their bank account. If one put a minus sign in front of the number, the person would actually receive money. I was told about this in a group aim chat, but I didn't use it. Generally, using that massive of a bug tends to result in a ban for exploiting a bug. They got banned and the next day, I got a short ban for "participation in hacking".  Sorry, but no. Putting a minus symbol in a text field isn't hacking. That's exploiting a bug.

Third ban (permanent): Last night, I was linked to a DA journal where someone was complaining about the game and telling people not to join. I agreed and posted my two cents. On the game/forum, I had done nothing but enter shows and post a comment or three on some artwork I posted. The person who wrote the DA journal was banned from the game and forum for libel. At that point, I figured I was next, so I started giving away horses as well as gelding my leaderboard stallion. Sure enough, at the stroke of midnight, I got banned for the same reason. This in itself proves that what happens off the game can get you in trouble in the game. I see it as a method of control.

Misc things: I  posted a bug where federations/world games weren't showing up on the accountant. Eve commented made a comment about how she didn't think that the winnings would show up on the accountant. I took it as her not knowing, so when the shows ran, I confirmed that they didn't show up. I got called a troll. A week or two later, someone else posted the same bug and it got fixed. Rules are twisted and warped to fit the situation. One of the forum rules is "no religion". Posts asking for prayers are allowed, asking for opinions on religious schools in allowed.

I think that's about it. Most of these things have occurred in the past..Eh, six months. It's really a shame. I liked the game. It was awesome, fun, and had genetics. I just wish I knew why it changed so suddenly. There's a few theories within my group, but they're just that. Obviously, I'm not chaining anyone down and saying that they can't play the game. No one can do that. This is the recollections of my time playing HEE, a review, if you will.
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